Faster broadband for Stonehaven (21CN) imminent

There have been a few false starts, but it's now definite. The week commencing 21st November 2011, will see our local BT phone exchange getting its 21CN (21st Century Network) equipment upgrade.

Lines will be disconnected from the current equipment and re-connected to new equipment. During this time, phone service will be unavailable for 15 minutes or so. Broadband services may be unavailable for a longer time whilst new equipment tests are completed. To minimise disruption, the majority of work will take place during the early hours of the morning.

The great news is, this upgrade paves the way for faster broadband services (over the copper phone cabling) in Stonehaven.

Super-fast Fibre optic broadband, such as BT's Infinity service, is a short time away... due to arrive in Stonehaven and Portlethen during the course of 2012.